Hey Y’all.

So, I’m hopefully doing this for the last time. By “this”, I mean starting a blog and actually writing in it. My goal is to do away with facebook and only have this blog. Some people do professional blogs to display their writing, others talk about cooking, food, and exercise, still others have a mega-focus on spiritual issues.

I’m the weird kid that doesn’t want this blog to focus on anything. I tried a blog a few years ago to focus on my college life experiences and that didn’t… happen. Well, let me rephrase it. I posted like three times and then I forgot about it, because college life got too busy! A few months ago, I tried to create a blog about health, particularly people with my issue and my diet, however I got totally bored with the topic.

So today i’m starting a blog about absolutely nothing but things that make me happy, my goals, kitties, running, cooking, graduate school, Christ, and living. There are a lot of things that I dislike about myself right now. I’d like to change those things and keep track of my progress. Maybe not totally through this blog, but I will post some stuff about changes i’m making (such as perhaps in the near future, deactivating my facebook).

I want to give a shout out to my friends and in particular, Paula Fisher, for her creativity of helping me think of a title.

So here we go on this Journey.



About scarmich

A girl in her 20's looking at love, life, and laughter in the mundane.

3 responses to “Hey Y’all.

  1. Sonja

    This is cool keep it up!! PAH!!

  2. mom

    I think your blog is a wonderful way to be accountable for changes you want to make. I wake up every day thinking of changes I will make in my life, but I don’t tell anyone. This causes me to never follow through on those changes. People who follow your blog will be those who care about you most and hold you accountable for changes that will make you better. Although, I think you’re pretty darn good! Lol!

  3. Paul

    Good start!! But how are you gonna get Tard pics??

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