Peanut Butter, Cloves, and Fun!

At the beginning of this week I had a marvelous idea. It coincided with some things I wanted to change about myself: my eating. I know some of you that know me are giving the computer a funny look and saying What?! You eat like a squirrel! Exactly my point, y’all. I don’t ever eat MEALS, do I? I eat snacks. Some nuts here, some fruits there, a luna bar in between and hope it holds me so I can avoid any blood-sugar attacks… SO, I decided to crack open a cookbook that my friend had given me and go through it and mark all the recipes that looked appealing.

So on Monday, I made my plan. I picked three small things that I thought I could cook this week that were “sara-friendly” which means low/no salt and low/no sugar and somewhat high in protein. I picked “Ribbon Chicken” (chicken with chopped bell peppers), “Minestrone Soup”, and “Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie”. So I wrote the ingredients down, went to the store and picked it all out.

On Tuesday afternoon I sat down and decided to tackle the “Ribbon Chicken” first. I pulled the book out, and started reading how to cook it, “put ingredients in a dutch oven…” What the crap is a dutch oven? So I googled it and found out that I didn’t have one. Brilliant. With that, I did away with the entire cookbook and just decided to do it on my own… and it turned out really good! It gave me just the confidence I needed when this morning rolled around.

After running a few miles I got home and decided that I wanted the “Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie”, so I cracked open my good ol’ handy cookbook and looked up what else I needed to put in there. Before I continue, understand that the blender I have is really small. It’s one of those hand-held Oster Blenders that you get at Walmart. You blend whatever you need and then take it to go! It’s amazing! However, the portion amounts for my size blender didn’t quite match. After putting “1 1/2 cup of milk”, i’d be drinking a milk smoothie. So I got all smart and cocky and decided to do it my way. I was gonna “eyeball” it. I can do that, right?! So I got my chopped bananas from the freezer and poured in my milk and took a few spoonfuls of yogurt and I put my peanut butter in. Then I put more peanut butter in and I mixed it… and I mixed it… and then I tasted it.

and it tasted just like peanut butter. liquid peanut butter. I burst out laughing… and I couldn’t stop. For those of you wondering, I drank ALL of it!

But tonight I, got serious. I mean, I am Sarawr! I can do better! I decided that I wasn’t going to let today’s peanut-butter episode stop me from cooking. I pulled out that awesomely reliable cookbook that i’ve been half-using and decided to make my minestrone. I put all the ingredients in, feeling confident I turned it on and turned back to read the recipe just to be sure. Then it hit me. I made several grave mistakes.

This is how I felt In the matter of seconds:

What are my mistakes??… well… Chicken Broth and Vegetable Broth aren’t that different.. are they?? There’s practically NO difference between garlic cloves and cloves… is there?? And the chickpeas that were supposed to be in the soup… it doesn’t matter that I added a few more kidney beans… does it?

Let’s just say.. I hope that next weeks cooking goes a lot better than this weeks did… I’m going to be cooking healthy, wholesome meals more frequently than before! I want to be satisfied, not just healthy!


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A girl in her 20's looking at love, life, and laughter in the mundane.

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