Painful Lessons on a Caturday

Today is Saturday… Or Caturday… As I like to put it. Those little animals have the ability to cheer anyone up… see how cute they are??



Anyways, Since today is Saturday, it’s my “long run” day, which only means 4 miles this week, a mileage I have covered several times before. No big deal. So I woke up and and realized that I didn’t have the kind of food I usually eat before running any run. I usually eat some fruit and half of a luna bar, but today I didn’t have anything but frozen blueberries. So I decided to go ahead and eat the blueberries, because I woke up late and needed to get a move on. I had a lot of stuff I needed to do before this afternoon rolled around and I went to the movies with my friends.

So, I at the blueberries and went upstairs and ate a really small piece of monkey bread, because somehow I thought that was the equivalent of half of a luna bar. Then I decided to wait for everything to digest before I ran a 4 mile run that I didn’t feel like running. So while I waited, I worked glossing a song that has been in my head for the past week or so. For those of you who don’t know what that means, glossing a song is taking the English works of a song and putting them into ASL (American Sign Language). For some people this takes 30 minutes tops. For others, like me, it can take days, weeks, and even months to work on one song. ASL and English are really different and you have to understand linguistics of both languages and understand the meaning of the song in order to interpret it accurately.

Well, I got carried away with this and before long I noticed that it was 1pm. I felt like I didn’t have time to eat again because I would have to wait for food to digest…again. So I just decided to get my water, put my shoes on and go. Off I went. I started out on my run about 2pm, feeling hungry. By the time I reached .5 mile (half a mile), my legs started feeling like lead and my hips started hurting. By .78 miles, I was walking instead of running with a stabbing pain in my right side ever time I moved my right leg. After finally reaching mile 1 I decided to turn around and make it a 2 mile trek. Forget 4 miles, that was a stupid idea. Who ever thought I could run 4 miles? As these thoughts were going through my head and I walked/limped/jogged the mile back to the car, it occurred to me that the only fuel that I had put in my body today was frozen blue-berries. And even frozen do you get the same nutrients out of them? Who knows…

When I finally arrive at the car, I took my key from my fuel belt (which I felt totally stupid wearing by this point) and tried to fit the key in the key-hole of my car door. My hands were shaking. My arms were heavy. I felt so sleepy that I could have laid on the cold concrete in 40 degree weather and slept right there. I realized what had happened and I became angry.

I wasn’t upset that I didn’t run 4 miles. I can do 4 miles tomorrow, i’m 3 weeks ahead of my half-marathon training program, it really is no big deal.
I wasn’t mad that I even had to walk the majority of the 2 miles that I covered. Walking is good, those walking muscles need to be worked too.

I realized I was angry at myself because I hadn’t given my body the nutrients it needed to succeed. Today, I set myself up for failure. I was mad because I knew better and I didn’t do better because I was thinking about time. I was upset because today, running became about how many miles I can follow on a training schedule instead of focusing on my health, taking care of my body, and treating it like the temple God made it to be.

Food is fuel, y’all. Food can either make or break an entire workout… Food can make or break an injury. Food is an essential part of life.

In America we like to eat food because it tastes good, but the real reason food exists is so that we can sustain life, so that we can stay active, and we can work for what we eat. Food exists so we can be strong and healthy. Food has a purpose and somewhere along the way, we sometimes loose track of that. We think that if we eat enough of this food or that food we’ll be skinny, or we’ll have more muscles, or we’ll be able to run the extra mile. When did it become about that? Being Skinny, having more muscles, or running the extra mile isn’t going to matter when we realize that we’re unhealthy.
God gave us food. God gave us health. Let’s use it for His glory!


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A girl in her 20's looking at love, life, and laughter in the mundane.

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