Hermit Level: Expert

I finally ran my 4 miles yesterday because I had properly fueled my body with salmon and greens before the run. On top of that, I had taken a GU gel a few minutes before the run for extra fuel. I guess I was paranoid that i’d have another day like Saturday and not be able to run the 4 miles I set out to do.

This enforces what my last post was about:


I’ve got to tell you, I felt like a new person. However, it was still hard to run. Not because i’m out of shape, but because two months ago, when I was doing crossfit regularly, running seemed so EASY and ENJOYABLE! Yesterday it was enjoyable, and by mile 3  my legs had grown numb to movement and I felt like I was flying, but the first two miles where hard to make myself keep going! So last night I decided to go to sleep a little earlier than I normally do and had planned to get up this morning and do crossfit and sign up again… to make myself go regularly. I believe it really helps my fitness and keeps me social AND accountable (i’ll explain the social part later). So this morning when my alarm went off I immediately thought Oh, I should go tomorrow instead, I have no classes, and then I thought Yeah, and it’s early in the morning and there’s not enough time to defrost my car. And then I opened my eyes and pulled up the weather on my phone and almost bursts out laughing. At 40 degrees, I highly doubt there will be a thick layer of frost on the car. I’m just making up excuses


So I got my butt out of bed, got ready and went to crossfit, shaking in my boots the whole time. However when I arrived, all the people that greeted me at the doors two months ago, greeted me today as if I hadn’t left. It truly felt like a crossfit family. They smiled and told me they were glad to have me back. I wasn’t judged for staying away for so long, I was welcomed back with open arms. Soon I felt myself smiling and laughing though deadlifts and kettlebell swings. It felt good.

And suddenly it hit me. I need this social interaction. I realized that I am hermit level: expert. For the past few weeks, sometimes DAYS go by and I don’t speak face to face to a human soul. I get online, study, watch movies, chat on facebook (that I still haven’t deactivated), blog, and read books, but I don’t actually have any human touch or interaction. I often find myself feeling lazy or depressed. Even on days I have class, I may not really speak to anyone. I go in class, I listen and gather information for the next class, I learn and soak in knowledge and then I leave. I go home and prepare for the next class. My only days of true social interaction are at church. Going to church to see people and get social interaction is NOT why I want to go to church. That’s just bad news bears. So today I went out on a limb and paid for the entire month of crossfit and decided that somehow I would fit it in my schedule.


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A girl in her 20's looking at love, life, and laughter in the mundane.

2 responses to “Hermit Level: Expert

  1. mom

    Well, Lil Boo as you become more disciplined…………….I become lazy! Lol! I first decided to run 3 miles instead of 2, because I feel like I am doing better for my body. Honestly, 2 miles feels like nothing at all, because I’ve run this distance for so long. Then I decided, since I was going to run farther, I would run less often.(Meaning every other day, rather than every day) So, I skipped Monday with excuses I won’t recount and almost skipped today, but made myself get on the treadmill! I’ve downgraded to running 2 miles again & the occassional 3 mile run! Lol!

    • It’s hard to do what you want to do!.. So many times I make these grand plans and half the time they don’t work out… I’m hoping that doing Crossfit will motivate me to run more.. and in turn make me more fit for the half in April. The only reason I’ve become more disciplined is because the half marathon is 92 days away. That’s not long!! 😮

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