In Honor and In Memory

I guess I haven’t officially announced it on here yet, so I thought i’d do it today. I’m signed up for the St Jude half marathon on April 27 in Nashville. That’s why you guys always see me saying “I need to follow my training plan!!”

Why am I doing it? For my friend Ciera. Ciera ran her own half marathon this past December, the St Judes half in Memphis. She ran it for her friends who have survived the fight of cancer and who had died to the fight. She ran for herself, for surviving when so many of her friends didn’t make it. The courage it takes her to be who she is today, to keep on training and running, despite her full hip replacement, her heart surgery, the chemo… and so many other things that I can’t even name, inspires me.

This is Ciera and me after our first 8k in November!

This is Ciera and I after our first 8k… When asked why she runs, she said “For all the kids I know who can’t.”

So i’m running for the people in her life and in my life who have fought. I’m raising money for St Jude as i’m doing it. You can click on that link to donate, but please watch the video at the end before you do so that you know what you’re donating for and who you’re donating to!

As time goes on, you may see my goal for raising money change. I have an $100 goal right now, but if I reach that before April, I’ll add another $50 and so forth…Always keep checking the link, I’ll post it again from time to time. I just want to do my best for St Jude and for the children who fight!

Below is a Video that Ciera made before her half in December. I want you guys to watch it, just so you can put names and faces to these kids who fight!


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2 responses to “In Honor and In Memory

  1. Christi

    As usual, I’m so proud of you!

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