Mardi Gras, Spin class, and Research!

Happy Mardi Gras, Y’all! I hope all my friends down in Louisiana are having a good time and thinking seriously about the next 40 days of lent! Or… Y’all are probably just partying away.
Party Tardy… Happy Tardi Gras! 🙂 
(A picture of Tardar Sauce, the kitteh).

Can you guys say the word “busy”?? I’ve been super busy this past week! I’ve been itching to write to you since Friday, but i’ve been trying to get a paper done! The paper i’ve been attempting to accomplish has taken so much of my time, but I finished it at 1:00am today… and then went back and made revisions this morning when I got back from the gym! Since i’ve finished the paper, I can’t even explain how light and happy I feel! I may have a test on Thursday and I have another paper due next Monday and a church retreat somewhere in between then, but for now, I’m happy! I feel like the more work I get done, the more motivated I feel. I think I’m experiencing that Homework High I talked about a few weeks ago.

You should see how gorgeous it is outside in east Tennessee! The sky is blue, the sun is shining, It’s only in the 50’s!! It feels just like spring! Maybe the groundhog was right, Spring is COMING!

Anyways, I want to tell you guys about the day I had on Friday. Friday is typically a day full of studying, reading and papers for me. However this past Friday I tried to make it about friends and exercise and some studying! I was so excited when I woke up Friday morning to go to crossfit. Thursday night, my friend Ciera had texted me and asked me if I was still on for the spin class that we planned to do at 5:30 on Friday afternoon, with great excitement I said “YES!”, but still wondering in the back of my mind if I should go to crossfit. I have done two-a-days before and they were hard, but I got through them. I didn’t know anything about “spin” class. The only way I had ever familiarized myself with the word “spin” was when I had vertigo attacks and the world was “spinning” around me and I couldn’t see straight. I didn’t even know what a spin class consisted of! In short, I didn’t do my research!

So Friday morning, I found myself in the middle of the crossfit workout, doing a ridiculous amount of wall balls and shoulder presses that no sane person should ever have to do. I was the last person to complete the workout, but I finished it! Once I finished, I went to our little coffee house Vienna Coffee house and sat down for the next 7 hours and did research for school and chatted with a good friend named Paige along with a couple of other people!

Fast forward to spin class. We arrive to spin class about 20 minutes early, I discover that it’s a bicycle class and I get on my bike and try to find the pedals with my feet. I’m too short. The lady behind me came up to me “you have to adjust the seat, dear”. After spending a good 15 minutes trying to adjust the seat, I get on my bike and begin to pedal and I look around the room to observe. I notice that every person in class has a towel with them and there’s even super serious people putting on special shoes for the class. Special shoes? I don’t have special shoes. I don’t know what i’m getting myself into I thought. My legs burned while I lightly pedaled from this morning’s workout.

I look to Ciera “Should we have brought towels?” She shrugged. My heart raced.

I raised my eyes and held my head high as the instructor pounced into the room. In a high pitched voice she said something to the effect of “okay guys! Let’s get our spin on!” I have no idea if that’s really what she said, but I could definitly imagine this skinny little blonde saying something so… peppy. I raised my eyebrows. She got on her bike facing us and gripped the handles. Her arms flexed. Muscles upon muscles. Panick began to overtake me. What am I doing here?? I mentally prepared myself. Well. If you can call that “preparing”.

Thirty minutes into spinning, my head started to spin a little as sweat dripped from my forehead to my nose. I licked my lips and tasted salty sweat. “okay, let’s spin rest a few minutes” I sighed from relief. It’s a 30 minute workout! I thought, This is GREAT!! I settled into a nice pedal pace and looked up just in time to see her say “Okay you guys, this next track, we’re going to go over three mountains!” Next track?? I looked to Ciera and thought Did she say mountains? MOUNTAINS?! I saw the look of determination on her face Yeah.. she said mountains. I wiped sweat from my face with my shirt and gritted my teeth.

When I finally got off the bike to stretch and start walking back to my car, I felt a little like this:


Well, I guess I won’t be running that 5 miles tomorrow…

As I was leaving the gym covered in sweat, a smile spread across my face. I sipped my coconut water. I felt proud that I had done so much in one day and still made it. I was proud that I kept going even when I wanted to quit. And boy did I want to quit… especially when I saw her say the word “mountains”. However, I have to say I learned a valuable lesson Friday: Always do your research. I have the habit of just showing up to see what something is, however when doing two-a-day workouts, that’s probably not a good life choice! hehe!

You are all probably wondering If I plan on doing spin class again. The answer is YES. It was so amazingly hard that I have to go back! I can’t stay away!

Spin spin spiiiinnn!


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