Training Update… Mile 7

I want to update you guys on my training!

I recently just took a 2 day rest during the weekend due to the retreat and I meant to wake up early Monday morning for my 7 mile “long” run to stay on schedule. However, I had an early morning appointment with some clients that I hadn’t met before at their house, a place I hadn’t been before. So I decided to skip running and go ahead and get ready for the appointment. I didn’t want to feel rushed going to a new client’s house and I wanted to represent myself well.

So I went and afterwards I came home and ate lunch, not only did I eat lunch, I ate snacks.. and snacks.. and snacks. I couldn’t stop eating. So finally around 2 I decided to make myself stop eating snacks. I worked on a paper that was due that night. It was IMPERATIVE that I did my research, got the paper done and everything… So around 3:30 I was finished and had just enough time to fit something like a “long” run in, since class didn’t start until 6:30.

So I made my way to the greenway… I had my fuel belt with water, I ate a GU gel and I stretched. I started warming up, just walking around, stretching myself out and did a full body check from the start. My main goal during training is to avoid injury. You can never be too careful, right??

And then I realized I have to pee. This isn’t a big deal. I plan my routes so there is a bathroom every one or two miles along the way. I’m one of those runners that can run 7 miles and stop 4 times to go to the bathroom, especially when i’m doing a mid afternoon run. I had purposefully parked right by the Library so I could use the bathroom if I needed to. So I left my things in the car and made my way toward the library. I got to the door “closed: for presidents day”… Closed?! CLOSED?! The next bathroom was at least 1.5 miles away. Wonderful.

I started running. I ran and I ran and I ran. I needed to make it to the bathroom. About .3 miles away from the bathroom and my bladder started to give. nooooo. I dashed for the bathroom to find relief.

When I came out, I looked down at my Garmin You’ve made your fastest mile! It told me. SWEEET!!! Now I know what to do when I want to run faster!!

I kept running on the trail. I ran and I ran and I ran. It was so much fun! The sky was blue, I kept seeing birds! I saw other runners! I saw some cyclist! I waved at every person. It was in the mid 50’s and it felt just like spring. It is EXACTLY the type of run that God allowed me to have after the night before when I had a rough night.

I couldn’t stop smiling. My breathing was good. I tried to follow my run/walk plan… running 3 min, walking 1 min. But I couldn’t help but just keep running. I forgot about it midway through and then remembered around mile 4 or 5.

I saw this around Mile 5 or 6. I can’t remember… But it made it all worth it!

Once I was finished, I came back, went to class and then wrote another paper that was due.

I had decided not to go to crossfit this morning, but somehow I woke up in time and out of habit, I got my exercise clothes on and started eating and getting ready to go… and then I stood up and started walking toward the door. my legs are so tired! I thought! They felt like lead! I felt like the top part of my body was READY to go and the bottom half of my body was saying “WAAIITT… what are you doing?!” So I sat on the couch and made myself stay there until 8:30- the time crossfit starts and then I got up and got back in bed for a couple of minutes.

I know I just had 2 rest days and I also know that it’s probably ridiculous to take another rest day… But I know that my coach will push me no matter what I did the day before… Part of me feels guilty for not going but another part of me know.. it’s the right choice.tired

DON’T FORGET to donate to St Jude Hospital to support the race and to help the kids out there!!

I’ve got 25 dollars left to go!! Come on! ONE dollar, y’all!


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