Hope and Strength


WOD: Workout Of the Day; Winston.
5 rounds of:
22 KB swings
22 Box Jumps
400 meter run
22 Burpees

22 Wall-balls.

45 minute cut-off.

I stared at the board in shock this morning when I walked into the gym.  After missing crossfit Monday for running 7 miles instead, and taking Tuesday off because my legs were tired… I couldn’t believe this is what I had come back to. I shrugged and smirked. Actually, I could believe it. I was sort of excited.

I hopped on the rowing machine to do a nice little warm up. As I finished, I hobbled over to the middle of the room in front of the board and stared as I stretched. I can do this. I thought I can totally do this. I may not finish the workout, but I’ll work for 45 minutes and get in everything I can! RAWR!!

Holly, one of my favorite people who come to my crossfit class, stepped through the door hurriedly. I like her because her personality is fun. She’s very friendly and our coach, for some unknown reason, calls her Harley and I think it’s hilarious. I looked up at the clock. She was late. With her face flushed and her heart-rate already up, she jumped on the rowing machine and began a quick warm up. I could see her eyeing the board. I smiled. Today will be fun.

We chose our Kettlebells (KB), I decided on 12 lbs since there was many reps. I did 8 lbs 2 or 3 weeks before… 12 was a nice, round number. I got a 12 lb wall-ball and then walked over to the boxes to choose my poison. I chose, not the smallest box or the biggest box, but the one just above the smallest box. The fact that I cannot tell you how many inches high it is, shows how much I don’t know. As I put my box down and got my area situated I saw Holly racing through the door with her wall-ball and KB. I looked at the wall where the boxes were stored. There’s no more smaller boxes.

She walked over to the boxes and came to the same conclusion I did, only taller boxes existed. I felt bad for her. I’ve had mornings like that. Holly and I are built a lot a like. We’re both short, but she’s shorter than I am. I called out to her “Hey Holly, Do you want to take my box? I’ll take a bigger one”.
She looked up at me in surprise. “Are you sure?”
What am I sure about? What did I just say? I couldn’t remember. “Yeah I’m sure!” came flying out of my mouth. Sure about what?! Sure about WHAT?! My body involuntarily, without my permission, picked up my little box, handed it to her and fetched a big box. What the crap am I doing? I had no idea.

I called to coach. “Um, Coach…” He looked at me. Holly looked at me. “Um, I am a little person. This is a big box, coach”. He chuckled. “Am I ready for such a… big box? Can I do it?” I put the box down and jumped up high as I could. My feet landed on it. I was shocked.

He put his hand on my shoulder “You’re ready. Try it out!” I breathed in deep.

By round 3 I was starting my box jumps again. I got on my hands and knees on the box and curled up in a little ball. I heaved to catch my breath. Sweat dripped across the bridge of my nose onto the box. Curled up on the box, I allowed myself to stay that way for 15 seconds. I forced myself up and begin jumping again. Each time my feet landed on the box, I was shocked. How is this even happening? I jumped for the 22nd time that round. It was time to run. A smile spread across my face as I headed out the door to run 400 meters outside. The chill 35 degree wind dried my sweat and pierced through my clothes. My eyes watered. My nose dripped. I kept running. I ran and I ran. I smiled. The 400 meter run felt like my break in this workout. I enjoyed it.

As I ran I looked at the blue sky, I felt the crisp morning, I saw birds flying and men working on the street nearby. I smiled. I thought about the St Judes kids that I’m training for. I wondered Can they see how beautiful creation is? Can they see what God has painted for us both? Me, able-bodied. Them, sick and weak. Could they look out their window and still glorify God and see the things He made? I thought about a sermon I recently heard about how God made everything: food, sex, sky, trees, birds, so that we can see it and glorify Him because of it. Thankfulness filled my heart. My 400 meters was almost over. I sprinted. Tears filled my eyes. I hope they can see it. I pray they can see it… I hope for them that it gives them hope and strength they need.

God, Give them Your Hope and Strength…


About scarmich

A girl in her 20's looking at love, life, and laughter in the mundane.

One response to “Hope and Strength

  1. mom

    Lol!! I love your blogs. They add humor to an otherwise chaotic day 🙂

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