Crossfit Challenges and Fun!

Yesterday after crossfit, I approached coach and said “coach, I don’t think my body was ready to come back today.. maybe i’ll miss tomorrow”.

Greg, one of my favorite people in class stood nearby, interrupted me “You’re being a wimp!” he held his thumb and his pinky together, stringing his tiny violin in the air “do you know what this is, Sara?”
I glared at him “you’re a meanie head!”
He laughed. “How old are you?” Greg and everyone else in class is in their 40’s and 50’s.
“Ten,” I smiled through the lie, “I’m ten years old” I gave him a sideways glance, ashamed that I was so weak and the youngest one in class still struggling to get through the workout. We smiled.
“You should be getting here before me, then and doing more than I do!” We laughed it off and walked away.


The next day I arrived at the Box about 10 to 20 mins earlier than usual. Greg wasn’t there yet. I hopped on a row machine and began my warm up.. wondering if he was coming. When Greg finally walked in “GREG!!” I shouted, “I came today and I’m here before you!”

We walked over and looked at the board: WOD
Double Unders/Singles (For singles: 100, 90, 80, 70, 60)
Box Jumps.

I gathered my ball and my jump rope and Greg and I stood in front of the boxes, comparing sizes and deciding how high we wanted to jump today. He picked up a little box, the smallest box on the floor and started toward his station “Greg! You’re gonna go with THAT box? You can do better than that!” I smiled up at him. He looked at me and was like “oh alright” and picked up the next box up. We made eye contact, his eyes followed mine to the big box. “I bet you can do this, Greg! Don’t be a wimp!” We smiled as I turned yesterday’s words back on him. “Watch, I can do it!” I put the big box down.

“It’s almost as high as your WAIST!” he exclaimed. I doubted myself, pushing the doubts out of my mind, I jumped. My feet landed on the box. I opened my hips.

“If I do a big box, you have to do a big box” Greg challenged me. I took a deep breath and thought about the first round… after doing 50 double unders and 50 wall balls, will I be able to jump it? I hoped so.
“Okay, fine.” We had the biggest boxes in class. I was nervous. I’m not ready for this, what the crap am I doing… a big box, AGAIN?! I felt insane.

As the timer was ready to start Coach turned to us “Alright, looks like everyone is doing singles in this group, remember single jumps do more.” I unconsciously stepped forward. He looked at me and glanced at the jump rope in my hand “Alright, you can do double unders, Sara. Go for it”.

As I was halfway through round 3.. doing 30 wall balls, I looked around. Most people were finishing. I was one of the only ones going and still had two more rounds to go. Sweat poured from my forehead as I dropped the wallball and went to my box. I ran my fingers through my hair to comb it back, I was soaked with sweat. I looked at Greg, he dripped with sweat too. “I hate ourselves” I said. We laughed. I walked around to catch my breath and faced the box.

I was the last one to finish. It was hard! Coach stood by me and counted every round after that. I had taken my hearing aid out earlier, but every time I looked around, my crossfit family was watching me, cheering me on. “Go, Sara!” I read on their lips.

As I was cooling down from the workout, sitting there in a daze the conversation that I had with Ciera the night before came fluttering back to mind.
Ciera: “You wanna meet tomorrow and run?! You can run 2 miles with me and then 2 miles with Matt and get your 4 miles in!”
Me: yeah Sure!! What time?
Ciera: 4:00 pm, after Matt finishes class!
excited, I put it in my mental workout plan.

Now as I was sitting on the floor of the gym, I wondered how on earth I was gonna do 4 miles later today… I really doubted I could get through two. I doubted my sanity. I doubted what I was doing. I doubted myself. I doubted everything. I heaved to breathe… And then I came up with a plan:


Hopefully it works!!


About scarmich

A girl in her 20's looking at love, life, and laughter in the mundane.

One response to “Crossfit Challenges and Fun!

  1. Carolyn

    One of my favorite thing about making friends at the gym is being able to push each other to achieve what you know you can.

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