Fight Like Ciera!

The past few days I’ve been in Memphis at St Jude Children’s Hospital with Ciera and her family. Being there was a tremendous blessing! I enjoyed being there for her family and supporting Ciera as she starts the hardest chemo she’s ever faced. My prayers are constant, as I hope yours are as well.

Through the next few weeks, we will be taking up donations for Ciera’s family to pay for expenses during this hard time! I know i’ve asked for money from y’all several times during the last few months and we raised 1400 dollars together for St Jude! However, I think we can do better for Ciera’s family. They will need a lot more than 1400 dollars to get through the next 8 months or so (which is how long they plan to be staying in Memphis). The link is below:

In addition to this, staying away from home for 8 months can get lonely! I think that we should send Ciera and her family some mail! Send her letters, gift cards, care packages, books, silly love notes, games… She will enjoy every ounce of mail she can get! The address is below:

Ronald McDonald House
Attn: Ciera Blackburn Rm 38
535 Alabama Avenue
Memphis, TN 38105

If you guys are on Facebook, there is a facebook page called “Fight Like Ciera” there you can get updates on her progress, so that you can pray specific prayers and just be there to support her and fight with her!

I know this is a short post with no pictures and no interesting stories, but I need to get the word out! Please pray, and if you don’t pray, then think of her in your heart!

Love you guys, Next time!!

P.S… Has anyone noticed that my half marathon is NEXT weekend?! I’ll be running for Ciera and for the others that i’ve met/am praying for at St Jude: Charlie, Hillary, Silas, Conner, Leslie… and so many more.


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