Run, forrest RUN!

I’m supposed to know what to say and supposed to have some awesome blog written, but the past few weeks have left me speechless. It’s been quite a roller coaster of up and downs, in and outs… So many victories already, so many more victories lie ahead. I’m ready. Are you?


I did finish the half marathon on April 27. That big day that I had been preparing for since January finally arrived with rain and storms and lots of hills. It was wonderful to run with Matthew, Ciera’s boyfriend, with a purpose, for a purpose. I couldn’t believe that I started out training with Ciera, intending to run with her and ended up running FOR her with Matthew. I’m so thankful that my legs carried me 13.1 miles and that you guys gave 1,400 dollars. I’m doing to run again for St Jude in December. I’m hoping to raise even more money. I hope you guys will play a part in that.


At the expo before the race, there was a St Jude area set up in the middle of the expo with a big banner of names on it… of all the people who had helped raise money for St Jude. People who were cancer survivors and previous patients at St Jude had their name in pink. We found Ciera’s name and snapped a picture… To see Ciera’s name up there, knowing that she’ll be running this again one day with her name in the same exact place made me smile. I couldn’t stop being inspired and so thankful for her…

I finished in 2:35… The goal I put down was “3:30″… I think I did pretty good considering the rain and hills!

After I ran the half, I finished school and then went to see Ciera in Memphis! I spent a total of 6 days at St Jude with her. We were in the Ronald McDonald House and then we got moved this past Monday to the Target house, which is much better and more apartment-like! I think we were all happy with the move! Every day she had to be at the hospital to get her counts checked. We usually arrived at 11:00 am and depending on what other appointments we had, we usually left around 3 or 4. Sometimes earlier, sometimes much, much later. At one point, she needed blood and platelets, so we were there until at least 10 pm. To pass time between appointments and at night, we sometimes played rummy with Mr Mike, Ciera’s dad. We had a lot of fun together!!

Ciera taught me how to flush her line and change her dressing. I want to write more about this next time, because I think it’s educational for you guys and for me!

I definitely want to write more later!! Right now i’m so tired and want to get some rest, take a shower, then start getting ready for summer school!! I want to fill you guys in on the last month or so, but it will take more than one post to do that!!


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A girl in her 20's looking at love, life, and laughter in the mundane.

2 responses to “Run, forrest RUN!

  1. Mom

    I think it’s wonderful that you can be a strong support for Ciera. Thanks for updating. I look forward to future blogs 🙂

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