It’s too late.

During the fourth of July I sat on the top of the boat in the midst of a body of water between Hilton Head Island and the mainland, watching fireworks with goosebumps up my arms in awe and… Thinking about you guys. You. My blog.

I hadn’t forgotten I had a blog. In fact, over the course of the last several months, I have signed in to read other blog posts and even have several written blog posts I haven’t posted. I just feel like it has been too long. It’s been too long, I’ve thought to myself, my goal was to write so many times a month and I haven’t written at all…too much has happened for me to fill them in… Maybe I should make a new blog…

But a resounding, shouting NO! entered my mind. Why??

I obviously have commitment issues. Have any of you who know me noticed? I start something, which is great and then end it or stop for whatever excellent reason. The only thing i’ve yet to do that with is school, knitting, running..several other things… But things like a blog, or… admittedly, I have several knitting projects I have started and not finished.

That also got me to thinking about religious issues. Well, religion all together, or people, or any commitment or thing you said you would do. You know when you don’t go to church for a while, or stop going to… crossfit for a while and you think to yourself it’s been too long…there’s no way I would be accepted now… I have to make myself right before I go… And the thought finally occurred to me: It’s never too late.

It’s not.

I learned that last week when I finally decided to face my irresponsibilities and opened my mail and pay my bills. I had thought after a month it’s too late. I let several months go by.

I learned that the other day when I thought I had wounded a friend over a year ago.. and we hadn’t talked. I emailed her and got back in touch. It’s never too late.

I learned that in 2011 after going to church, but not being spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically involved with CHRIST. I thought: it’s too late. i’ve done too much. i can’t go back.

What a damned lie. That lie will damn you. For real.

You’ll have forsaken commitments.

Late bills.

Lost friendships.

Lost souls.

It is never too late.


About scarmich

A girl in her 20's looking at love, life, and laughter in the mundane.

2 responses to “It’s too late.

  1. Christi

    This makes my heart happy!

  2. Mom

    Good Blog Boo! Something we all need to be reminded of!!!!

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