Police in Beijing are Hunting Golden Retrievers

Please sign the petition below. This is breaking my heart… And is a petition worth signing.

Watch the video with it and then you’ll see what i mean.

The Daily Golden

Dogs over the size of 13.7″ tall  are being snatched from their owners in the China city of Beijing, even if they have the appropriate “licenses” for the dogs.  The rule has been in effect for several years, but it wasn’t being enforced until just recently.

Beijing authorities are now raiding peoples homes, sometimes in the middle of the night, and tearing these dogs out of their owners hands, almost certainly to be used for meat.

Those that can afford it are shipping their dogs to kennels in rural areas, while others less fortunate are hiding their dogs and hoping the neighbors don’t report them.

One woman explains she sets her alarm for 2am so she can take her labrador retriever for a washroom break on her balcony and hopefully not be noticed.

Apparently the authorities are so concerned about backlash that they are deleting negative critisism from the internet. …

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