He Is the Strength of my Heart

Last time I wrote things were going great, Ciera was out of isolation, but unfortunately that was short lived.
Ciera is in Isolation again.

Through this next blog post, I want to paint a picture of what her life is like right now. I have no idea what their day to day life is like… I cannot even imagine. But just being with her for a couple of days… This is what I can gather…

Imagine living in a tiny room, with 2 beds, one bathroom, a small fridge and a microwave. For 8 weeks: 2 months. With cancer.
With chemo.
With antibiotics. With Low ANC (blood counts; 0-100).
Low bacteria diet.

Low bacteria Diet means that everything you eat has to be cooked within the last 30 minutes. No fresh fruits or veggies that cannot be peeled. No Tea. No rice. No lettuce. No Dairy.

NO kitchen. It’s hard to do this without a kitchen.

The friends you made when you were out and about in the hospital cannot see you.

One of the only places you can eat out is Chickfila.

This is Isolation. ISO.

The fridge that you want to store stuff in has antibiotic balls for you that are given through your line, that are fighting infections you may or may not ever get. They’re quite precautionary. So you can’t actually put real food in there. Even if you could, you can’t have a slow cooker or a sandwich panini maker, or hot plates.

Those are fire hazards. Didn’t you know? Fire hazards are more important than your next meal.

This isn’t the picture that has been painted for me by Ciera. In fact, Ciera is more than positive… They haven’t painted this horrid picture for me at all. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen where they live and how antibiotics work and how many hours she has to spend at the hospital getting tests and blood, and platelets… and… I could go on.

But she makes friends. She’s joyful. Her smile radiates any room. Even if that room is a small room with 2 beds and no way to eat a meal. For 8 weeks. Due to a cold that she feels no symptoms of. And a bone marrow that’s “exhausted”.

Personally, if a doctor came in and told me my bone marrow was exhausted I may punch him and yell “WAKE IT UP!!”.

But Ciera doesn’t. She holds fast to the Lord. She looks up. He’s her strength! She may not always feel like she is doing this, and she may feel negative sometimes (I’m not in her mind, so I don’t know), but to the people around her that know her and talk to her… she’s a light.

An example. To you and me.


In December, I’ll be running 13.1 miles for CHILDREN and FAMILIES who have to go through what Ciera is going through. I regret that cancer ever has to have the word “childhood” in front of it. What kind of childhood is childhood cancer? This is hard, but St Jude covers costs! They don’t turn families away who can’t afford to pay for treatment and… they truly care.

Please donate to St Jude and encourage me as I train for this 13.1 mile run! Last April, you guys gave $1300!! It takes $1.8 million to run St Jude. A Day. I think that together we can do better.


You guys may get weary and tired of hearing me talk about St Jude, but I won’t stop raising money for them or praying for them. They help hundreds of thousands of families… by researching for and treating children. For free.

They don’t give up. I won’t give up. Ciera’s fight continues…

Will you fight with us?


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A girl in her 20's looking at love, life, and laughter in the mundane.

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