Celebration Sunday!

I don’t have a lot to say today, but I felt like I should write. I feel like it’s been ages… Though that isn’t true.

Ciera is back in town! FOR GOOD! She got back a couple of weeks ago! Can you believe what a journey it has been?! She is a walking miracle! She is hoping to start a foundation soon for young adults her age who are in her situation. She realized a lot of the foundations were for children under the age of 18 and she could not get the resources she wanted to from the foundation due to her age (21 years). So as she works on that… I hope to update you guys on that so maybe all my readers can give to the cause… If I have any readers! haha…


This week Lent started. I am participating in Lent, as I have since college.. It’s a way for me to participate in MardiGras and think about home without actually being there. (Louisiana girl, here!)

But every year, I have failed. I make these commitments at the start of lent, and halfway through I forget. Sometimes I forget what I’ve committed and sometimes I just forget all together. I fail. Miserably fail. But this year I am serious. Making a commitment to participate in lent and then going for it. Being faithful. Not forgetting. Seeking the Lord. With my whole heart. All of it. Giving Him myself.

I’m not sure if you are aware but each Sunday in lent is what I call “Celebration Sunday” where the person participating in Lent is able to indulge in whatever they have been refraining from… or rest from whatever they have added. I’ve never participated in Celebration Sunday.

And I didn’t want to today.

Because it felt like cheating. If I can’t fast for the full 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter, then why am I fasting? What’s the point of Celebration Sunday?

And today, as I sat in O Charley’s staring uncomfortably at my grilled salmon, I realized something.

Jesus died and rose again so I can be free. So I am not required to fast and required to do good works and follow the law to a T.  I am not held down by the chains of my flesh! I am not held by the chains of “good works” or “earning” affection… NO! He suffered so I can have the freedom to be who He called me to be without being obsessed with the law and good works. In other words, He gave me a NEW law to live by.

The Law of Grace.

I want to relish His gift and bask in His grace!

And this made Celebration Sunday and the salmon fillet I ate, mean so much more than just “I get to cheat on my fast today”. It became “I’m celebrating His life, Death, and Resurrection, because by living in His righteousness, I gain freedom in Him… through His grace.”

And I took my fork with salmon on it to my mouth and chomped down with a smile.

Because He gave me grace to be free from a law I established for myself and the law he established for us. He gave me freedom.

And that freedom we get from Him? That’s worthy of celebration.

So let’s Celebrate Sundays this Lent season… Praise His Name!!


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A girl in her 20's looking at love, life, and laughter in the mundane.

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