Soul Rest

i was supposed to write part two of my last post, but who says I have to? That’s the thrill in authoring my own blog. I need not follow rules.

On Sunday night, Frustration made my face fill with heat as i drove away from church at 9:15 that night. I was exhausted. I hadn’t gone to the food store, I had work the next day, I had so much to do to get prepared for the weekend that seemed all too soon (Yes, 5 days doesn’t feel long enough when you’re preparing to lead 8-10 teenage girls in Disciple Now). The thought of going home and getting into bed seemed impossible to me.

So as I pulled up to the food store around 9:45, I leaned my head forward and pleaded Lord, please, allow me to rest as i work this week. Allow me to rest in YOU. Not just sit around and be lazy kind of rest, but resting in You as I live and move and breathe and work, and become a responsible woman. Lord HELP. 

And then Monday came and the snowpocalypse came upon us and my work was cancelled at noon. And the electricity has been flickering, making it hard to do anything but… rest.

I love how God works things out. Because today, Tuesday, Work was closed again because the streets are literally just layers of ice. Impossible for me and Watson to go outside without slipping and sliding. Then there’s a possibility of Snow tonight (Tuesday night). Along with cool temps that could freeze the melting ice…. back to ice.


I cried out for rest and He gave me rest.

Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Weary and burdened describes how I felt this past week, this past weekend, this past sunday night. It describes perfectly. And… I came to Him by becoming frustrated asking for HELP. It took humility to realize “man, i cannot do this. I can’t”.
But this rest hasn’t been me sitting around today. It’s been me preparing my house, my life, my heart for the next week. It’s been me emptying out trash, scrubbing bathrooms, smiling to myself in myself, vacuuming floors… slipping and sliding to the dumpster.

And sweating.

And yet, I feel so rested. So unbelievably rested. Soul Rested.

He knows what you need. Cry out to Him! I certainly hope tomorrow we go back to work. I enjoy doing work. I enjoy going to work, and honestly, I kind of want to clean and rearrange my office…


About scarmich

A girl in her 20's looking at love, life, and laughter in the mundane.

2 responses to “Soul Rest

  1. I love reading your blogs Sarah, you have a way with words, maybe you should consider writing a book? Eucharisto….

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