Update: How I’m doing and What I’m doing without Facebook

It’s been nearly 6 days since I deactivated my facebook and I’ve not felt more free. I get up in the morning and it’s not the first thing I look at. I go to sleep at night and It’s not the last thing I do! I’ve even been sleeping better! Last night I got ALMOST 7 hours of sleep despite me waking up at 4 am to start my day! This is such a win for me!

I think this time off Facebook will show me how to really invest and keep up with certain friendships that I hold dear and truly value. I think I’m learning how to keep friends that I cherish on the forefront of my mind, to check in with them, text them, meet up with them, develop actual friendships with them through face-to-face time instead of face-book time. This is incredibly freeing for me in ways that I cannot yet articulate.

One of my 2015 goals has been to read the Bible all the way through, cover to cover. This is something that I have not ever done! I am EXCITED to do this and just setting that goal has made me more passionate about the Word of God. I am behind on my schedule because some days I only read 1 chapter while other days I read 10. It honestly depends on how awake I am, what I’m comprehending that day, if something touches my heart and I just want to stay in that chapter. It’s so nice to go with the ebb and flow the Lord gives me rather than putting pressure on myself to perform, to read a certain amount, to make sure I can regurgitate what I’ve read…etc. This morning I finished Joshua!

Joshua was an awesome man of God and he has been my main motivator to wake up in the morning! So many times throughout the book of Joshua, chapters start with “Joshua rose early in the morning”. The Bible repeatedly says that. It got me thinking If Joshua rose early in the morning… I want to too! This makes my heart extremely happy for reasons I’m not quite sure!

Updating you all- I am still in training for the Triathlon in April for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In honor of my good friend Ciera Blackburn and in memory of those who have won at life and are living with Jesus forever- To name a few, A.J. Slye, Bennett Coleman, Bree… and so many more. Please donate to St Jude Here. I will not stop raising, giving, doing for St Jude, because they have not stopped doing for children and families with cancer. When one person in the family has cancer, the entire family has cancer and St Jude helps lessen that load. Just a little.

Please pray with me for Ciera as she gears up for a rest at home for a few weeks before going back to do her transplant! Pray for rest for her mind, her body, her spirit, and her soul. Pray for strength and joy as she re-kindles family relationships that she may not have had time or energy to put into. Pray for each member of her family, that the Lord Bless them and keep them and make His face shine upon them and give them a sweet, sweet peace during this time of “rest” and reconnection with each other.

I will keep you guys updated here through my Facebook Hiatus. This weekend I am participating in Disciple Now at church with the High School students and am excited. Please pray for us this weekend as we lift His name higher and make ours a little lower. Please pray for the hearts of those working, participating, preaching, teaching.. Please pray for soft and pliable hearts the Lord can move and change. Please pray that if we see sin in our hearts, that we are not only quick to recognize it and repent, but quick to change and take action as well. Recognizing is difficult, but taking action even more-so.

I cannot wait to update you guys more soon!


About scarmich

A girl in her 20's looking at love, life, and laughter in the mundane.

2 responses to “Update: How I’m doing and What I’m doing without Facebook

  1. Mom

    So very proud of you and thank you for sharing. It helps me know specific areas to pray for in your life and the lives you touch. Love you Boo☺️

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