New Year Goals for 2015

There is a page marked in my journal that I started on December 7, 2014. Across the top of it I scrawled New Year Goals for 2015. And below I have 10 goals that I made for this year. They have evolved somewhat since that day- and really, it took me from December 7 till about January 3 to finalize these goals. I never blogged about them because I thought they were personal and private. I didn’t want to share them. But now I feel freedom in sharing them, partially because it’s March and I’ve gone back to keep myself in check with progress. Sometimes I’m wondering how I’m doing, but my journal is at home and i cannot remember all 10 goals so If I have them in electronic format.. walah!


So how am I doing?

Well, it’s only march so i’ve only had 3 months. In fact, according to research February 24 is supposed to be “the cliff” or “the fitness cliff” where people start fading on their new year goals or resolutions. Since learning that, it’s made me want to keep up with everything even more, because I don’t want to fail along with the crowd.

  • Read through the bible in a year:
    • I am not following a plan with this one. Bible Reading Plans stress me out. I miss days and get behind and feel stressed! When I feel stressed, I don’t do well with things. I tend to give up or quit. Feeling overwhelmed puts the “pro” in Procrastinate for me. So, I am not using a plan. Instead I started in Genesis in January and am working my way through. Somedays I read 10 chapters and other days I read 1. I read what I feel lead to read- and because of that, it’s exciting! I get caught up in the stories and I am falling in love with the people in the Bible and with His word. I get excited when I meet new people in the Bible and I grieve and cry when they die. (yes, when Moses died, my entire mood for a day was off… I was so sad!). It’s easy to get lost in the stories and in history… and sometimes it’s hard to get lost in it because there is genealogy after genealogy.
    • So far, I have read Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, and I finished Judges today! YAY! I am excited the more I read, the more I realize how… dumbed down… the bible was in Sunday School and at Christian School. I really regret not reading it for myself sooner. It’s way more exciting than Noah’s Ark and Moses with a little band of Israelites…. It’s about an Almighty God who made millions of people out of two… and displays His glory one day after the next in magnificent ways.
  • Go on a Mission Trip.
    • By God’s grace i’ll be in Jamaica and helping out at Jamaica Deaf Village in July. I need to hurry up and get a passport and turn in my deposit soon!
  • Read the books on my shelves that I haven’t read yet.
    • There are MANY books I haven’t read yet on ALL of my shelves- And i have two book cases. It’s a little ridiculous how many books I have. So far, i’ve done terrible with this. Between reading the Bible through and doing books for small group… and I just bought a pretty neat novel on Saturday night on my Kindle, but we’re not going to discuss that 😀 In other words, I’m pretty much failing at this goal!
  • Complete a Triathlon and Raise the Money for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
    • I am still fundraising for St Jude! I will not stop until the hour my race starts! Doing a triathlon and training many hours every week is so much more than about exercise for me. It’s about people who find out their 2 year old daughter has cancer. It’s about parents who sit in the car alone holding hands with tears streaming down their faces as they realize… their child may not make it. It’s for people who have buried their children and have had to say “good bye”, which is something  parent should NEVER ever have to do. I’m swimming and running and biking because St Jude Children’s Hospital vows to never stop until no children have cancer. So please Donate $10 if you can.
  • Give to the Church consistently and be obedient.
    • This is a personal goal that I hesitated to put on my public blog, however, this has been a struggle for me in recent years and it’s something I felt convicted to put on my new years goals for this year. The Lord is so faithful! I feel like when I give to Him, He stretches my finances and makes them go further. When I am obedient, He blesses my obedience. This doesn’t mean my finances are NEVER out of control or that I can go out to eat every day and not live on a budget. I budget, but what I’m saying is that I am finding Joy in obedience and it’s hard sometimes. And sometimes there is no Joy, but recently- the past 3 months, He has been giving my Joy and blessings.
  • Cultivate new friendships, including male friendships.
    • This doesn’t mean i’m searching for a partner. In fact, that’s the furthest thing from my mind. I really just want to cultivate more diverse friendships this year. I looked around at the end of 2014 and noticed that i was graduated form college, working full time, and most of my friends had either moved away or we’ve grown apart. This was a pretty lonely realization. THEN I noticed that not only did I have few friends, but all my friends are the same. They’re mostly white females. There’s nothing wrong with being friends with people like me, but I think i’m going to feel really out of place when i get to heaven. In heaven, it will be extremely diverse, Asian, African, European, Thai… etc. So this year the Lord has called me to look for friendships that are not self-serving, but instead giving. To look for people different than me. They may be hearing, they may be totally deaf, they may be blind, they may be children, or married, or divorced, or athletic, or introverted, or male. Anyways, I’ve been doing ALRIGHT with this goal, but I need to pursue it more aggressively and truly look outside of me and my circle.
  • Consistently carve out time for prayer.
    • Consistently carving out time for prayer is a hit or miss for me, honestly. I DO pray, but consistently? All the time? without ceasing? No. No I don’t. In fact, sometimes I read in the morning and FORGET to pray. The day goes by and I forget to Thank, I forget to live in thankfulness of each moment. I forget and get caught up in flippant pursuits.
  • Plan ahead for events- life…
    • I DID BUY A PLANNER! AND… i’ve sort of been using it! I have been better about planning ahead. I’ve been planning my meals (some weeks), planning a budget, planning my classes that I teach, planning when I’m going to clean and how much time I’ll spend cleaning, planning social events, planning REST. I’ve been trying to plan. Have I been perfect? NO. Do I always have a plan? no, i don’t, but I have learned if I at least plan a few things through my day, I can work other things in between. It’s liberating in a sense.
  • Clean up my eating and make a point to drink more water.
    • Since 3 weeks ago, I’ve been eating real meals. I’ve been feeding and nourishing my body for training. I’ve been cooking more (almost daily) and I’ve been fighting to have protein in every meal. This is extremely hard for me. The hardest part about training for the Triathlon (besides injury), has been eating. It’s difficult for me to make time to cook and eat in a way that I know will fuel 2 hours of exercise the next day. I cannot eat fruit and salad all day like I used to. It’s not sustaining. So this has been a recent struggle.
  • Try to say positive things about the people around me.
    • This has been hard! It’s easy to be a negative nelly, but i was super convicted in January that my words have power. I have power to encourage or discourage. I have the power to bring life into someone or bring hurt and emptiness. It’s up to me, my mouth, my hands… whatever language I’m using. I do often remind myself of this goal because It’s probably the best one on here. I want to be a person that lifts others up! I want to lift them up with encouragement. I hope that when people see me, they see someone that is loyal, trustworthy and genuinely positive. I want to choose to give life to the people around me!

This went ENTIRELY too long. I hope you guys enjoy!

Happy… “new”…. Year!


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