Pre-Triathlon reasons, disasters, and musings

I’m currently sitting in the airport waiting to board my plane to Charlotte, then to Miami and I’m no longer nervous. I had been shaking in my boots, terrified, hoping I can conquer this triathlon thing and afraid that something I planned would go wrong.
What Could Go Wrong

But the things I was afraid of have already happened and guess what? I’m okay. What a shocker, right?

I had a serious brain fart today and misread the time of my flight and arrived to the airport when my plane was taking off. I missed my flight. I misunderstood the paper and thought “arrival time” was actually the “departure time”. Please don’t ask me how my brain works. I stood there with silent tears going down my face as the man behind the counter tried to find some way to make it to Miami tonight. He waived my baggage fee and got me on the next available flight. I will be getting there just a few hours later than anticipated. I’m no longer crying. I’ve since gotten Midol, Caffeine, Water, and Dinner. This is a lovely combination. I’m so thankful for the airport stores. I feel calm, cool, collected and am no longer nervous for the tri, but excited. I have trained for this for months. I know that I can do it.

Since then, I’ve been thinking about the Kids at St Jude. I’ve been thinking about kids with cancer in general and how they want to Swim, Bike, and Run even more than I do. I’ve been so encouraged to see person after person donate to St Jude on my link… I cannot believe that what once started out as a goal of $1,000 has been raised to $1,300 then now to $2,000. I cannot wait to reach that goal and anticipate it happening even before SUNDAY! I know it can.

St Jude 2

But Sara, you ask, Why do you keep raising the amount if you’ve already reached the original goal? 

I won’t stop, my sweet friend, because Cancer doesn’t stop. Cancer doesn’t take breaks for holidays. It doesn’t give reprieve because a child wants to swim with their siblings or bike with their friends, or run around at school carefree…cancer free. Cancer doesn’t stop. And because cancer doesn’t stop and because St Jude doesn’t stop; I won’t stop either.

St Jude1

So when you look for pictures and updates this weekend on my race. When you consider Sunday morning about saying a prayer for me. When you get excited to see if I cross the finish line…. Pray. Pray for St Jude children. Pray for Ciera. Pray for her as her and her mother endure the transplant process. Pray for them as they continue this battle. They are on the last streak.. One more transplant.

St Jude 3

The day my foot sets in that salt water is the day Ciera’s foot steps onto the transplant floor. Her race is much more treacherous than mine. Her battle has moments when it feels uphill. Encourage her. Encourage her family. Encourage her spirit.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 12.05.53 PM

Encourage St Jude by donating…


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4 responses to “Pre-Triathlon reasons, disasters, and musings

  1. Mom

    Praying for you Boo! 😘

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