Jamaican Deaf Village- Living Water

Deaf Jamaican Village 

Manchester, Jamaica. 

July 2015

Internet is extremely slow here and we are very busy. This is the first moment I’ve had to sit down and update. Our first full day here was Sunday. We woke up after a full night’s rest and headed to deaf church. They opened in prayer with Lord, You are good. You are always good. We call on Your  name today for rain. We need it and You know our needs and You know best….” 

A prayer for rain. When is the last time you had to pray for rain? 

Water is precious here, because their only water source is rain. Manchester is both in and surrounded by gorgeous mountains and getting to the city is quite a drive. They haven’t had rain in many weeks.  Money is of little value, but water? Water is jewels. 

Lord, we know You are good and Your plan is perfect. Lord, please pour out Your blessings on us and pour down Your rain. 

They’ve had to go to the city and get more water. This seems like no big deal to you and me, but water is expensive. Despite their desperate calls for rain and their water supply shrinking and shrinking, they invite us to their village and let us drink their water and take showers every day and wash our dishes and live. Because water is necessary to live. They invited 13 American people, some whom they had never met, and have given us their water. 

Lord, You are amazing and always faithful. Please provide Your life-giving, life-cleansing water. We need You. We need You. 

I look around at the people, the laughs, the relationships, the smiles, their giving, our working together toward the Gospel as one and our conversations and realize… America is much more dry. We need His healing rain. We need His help. We NEED to look at Him, thank Him for being faithful, for His goodness, and for being Who He is and pray for His healing rains upon us. In our hearts. 

In my heart. 

I need Him. Every moment. 

Lord, You are amazing. You are always good. Your plan is perfect and I am not. I am not perfect, I am faithless instead of faithful and I need Your healing rain. Thank you. 

Thank you. 

As you cook your meals with your plentifully running water, take a long, hot shower tonight, brush your teeth with water, and climb in bed with a glass of clean, fresh life-giving water pray. 

Pray for these men and women who are so selfless. Pray for The Lord to send rain abundantly for their crops and cows. For their health. For their needs. After you do that, search Your soul and Ask Him if you have that life-giving Water. Ask Him if He’s cleansed You with His healing rain. Do you feel empty? Has He quenched Your thirst or do you continually try to fill yourself with… idols? 

What’s in my heart, Lord? What’s in my heart? 


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A girl in her 20's looking at love, life, and laughter in the mundane.

3 responses to “Jamaican Deaf Village- Living Water

  1. Mom

    I’ve been in constant prayer for you and the people you are with. It is so good to know how to better direct my prayers. Water. I am praying for rain for these people and know God will provide. Thank you for blogging.

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