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I’ve not written in a while, so I decided to write a short blurb and share some quotes from a book that I have previously mentioned, called “Things As They Are” by Amy Carmichael. I have been reading and re-reading parts of it, even months later. So, I’d like to share some parts of it every so often when I want to post, but am unsure what to write about. At the beginning of each chapter, Amy pulls quotes from other missionaries to make or emphasize her point. Sometimes when beginning a chapter, I would read the quote and not be able to continue reading the material because the quote itself had hit me so hard. Below is one of those quotes at the beginning of a chapter in the book titled “If it is so very important…?”

Let us for a moment imagine what would have happened on the Galilean hillside, when our Lord fed the five thousand, if the Apostles had acted as some act now. The twelve would be going backwards, helping the first rank over and over again, and leaving the back rows unsupplied. Let us suppose one of them, say Andrew, venturing to say to his brother Simon Peter, “Ought we all to be feeding the front row? Ought we not to divide, and some of us go to the back rows?” Then suppose Peter replying, “Oh no; don’t you see these front people are so hungry? They have not had half enough yet; besides, they are nearest to us, so we are more responsible for them.” Then, if Andrew resumes his appeal, suppose Peter going on to say, “Very well; you are quite right. You go and feed all those back rows; but I can’t spare anyone else. I and the other ten of use have more than we can do here.”

Once more, suppose Andrew persuades Philip to go with him; then, perhaps, Matthew will cry out and say, “Why, they’re all going to those farther rows! Is no one to be left to these needy people in front?”

Let me ask the members of Congress, do you recognise these sentences at all?

-Eugene Stock, at Shrewsbury Church Congress

According to my research, Eugene Stock wrote that around 1896-1897.

Just wanted to leave that tidbit here for you today. If you would like to leave comments that fosters discussion at the bottom, please feel free!


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