2016 New Year Goals and My One Word

Last year I made New Year Goals for 2015 and I surprisingly stuck with them for the majority of the year, which makes the first year in my life that I have made New Years Goals, written them down and not forgotten about them.

Some of my goals for 2015 included going on a mission trip to Jamaican Deaf Village which you can read Here and here. Training and completing a triathlon while you guys donate money to St Jude Children’s hospital. To read about my triathlon, you can click here and here. Praying continually, which became a struggle after my closest friend passed away. You can read about the struggle in my most recent blog about the tension between grief and prayer. Those are just a few of my goals listed that were completed. For the goals that I didn’t meet, I made them more specific and wrote them down for 2016!

Here is the list:

  • Continually clean the kitchen as I use it (This has been a HUGE struggle for me).
  • Read one book a month (Last year my goal was to read the books on my shelves– I didn’t even read a book a month, so this year I will).
  • Piano Practice: 30 minutes at least 3-4 times a week. (I started piano lessons!)
  • Pray 10 minutes a day and say prayers before meals
  • Post in my blog at least one time a week.
  • Make steps to move forward.
  • Complete my Half Marathon and Raise money for St Jude in Ciera’s Honor
  • Read through the bible Chronologically when I’m done with Cover to Cover (I’m almost done!)
  • Be Mindful
  • Spend time with others and develop deeper friendships
  • Possibly go back to Jamaica (If funds allow)


In addition to having these goals, I decided to choose a word for this year to focus on and reflect on. My friend and fellow blogger, Lily chooses a word to focus on yearly and her blogs about each word she’s chosen have impacted me. Her most recent blog is about her word for 2016- I encourage you to read it!

My word for this year is:



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3 responses to “2016 New Year Goals and My One Word

  1. Mom

    Awesome Boo! 👍

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