52 Weeks of Adventure: Week 2 Friday Night Fights!

For week 2 adventure I attended Friday Night Fights, a realistic defense tactics and scenario training hosted by Imperative Insight, owned by Todd Mills and Breck Ellison.  Imperative Insight is a training organization that focuses on real world self-defense scenarios, combining martial arts combat training with weapons training. Imperative Insight offers an incredible range of courses including hand to hand combatives,  tactical handgun courses, tactical pen defense, low light tactics, third party defense, home invasion, Tactical Baton certifications among many more. Since I have decided for the time being to not carry, i’ve been taking Friday Night Fights to learn skilled self defense tactics and experience night-time self-defense scenario training. Those are things I feel like I could truly learn and use. To check out Imperative Insight, please visit their Facebook page. If you are interested in Friday Night Fights, they should be announcing one training every quarter on their fb page! I was not awarded compensation for this blogpost for any advertisement purposes, I am writing about my experience this week as a personal adventure in my 52 weeks of adventure series.

I arrived early to get acquainted with people I would soon be rolling around on the floor and running through the dark with and also to drink a smoothie for dinner. It was fun to meet both familiar and unfamiliar faces as we got ready for our Friday Night training and scenarios. I floated from person to person, table to table, making banter and jokes with acquaintances and greeting old friends. I was probably in the middle of a ridiculous story of mine when Todd and Breck got up from their conversations and went to the main room to begin. It was time. We shuffled our belongings away from the cafe and into the wide open room with black rubber floor mats and large gym-like lighting above us. This room is normally used for crossfit and would have to do for us during our training. We gathered in a semi circle around Breck and Todd as they began explaining basic safety.

We learned tons of things that night! We learned how to do what they called “floor work” which means basically means getting your opponent off of you and on their back. We also learned not to let people we don’t know within  certain number of feet with us (sorry breck and todd… I forgot!) and how to sternly tell them “NO! Don’t come any closer!” As I started to practice, my voice wasn’t stern or in charge, but with practice I slowly noticed that self-defense is a mind-set more than anything. The more confident I became in telling my opponent to “STOP!”, the more I could feel my posture, body, hands, eyes, and voice all give a command and truly believe that they would listen to what I was saying. I felt empowered by the end of that exercise. We also learned how to use tactical flashlights properly and that we should always have one with us, especially at night. Flashlights shined in an opponents face the correct way can go a long way for self-defense! I never even knew it. Todd and Breck spoke lightly on different ways to approach people, home invasions, and hand on hand combat. They touched on how to handle a gun when drawing and defending yourself and lightly touched on when to and not to use it.

Since I had previously participated in Friday Night Fights, I knew the night-time scenarios came next and was excited rather than nervous! The first time I did it I was afraid that I would freak out and hurt someone or make a scene and I died in every scenario. However, this time I could feel my mind-set shifting from afraid to confident and in control. The shift was empowering as I stepped outside to the first of three scenes.

This scene was me walking out to an empty parking lot in the dark with me weapon(s) of choice, I chose a flashlight because that’s realistically all I carry with me. I had to respond to strangers who approached me and tried to talk with me, but of course since I just learned how to command people not to come closer, that’s what I did- and I ran! I booked it and made it out alive.

The second scene was inside, as I approached a hallways with doors I was supposed to be entering a cabin in Gatlinburg I had rented for the weekend and no one was supposed to be there… I had to defend myself against invaders. I ran outside and “called 911” and lived! (whoohoo!)

The third scene I had to navigate a full parking lot to my car and defend myself against a woman who wanted my purse. She pulled a fake gun on me in the scene so I died! But it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.

In this week I learned to trust my gut. If something feels wrong about a situation, a parking lot, a cabin in the woods, a house… I should go ask someone to accompany me no matter how silly it feels since two are always better than one. I learned to always have my flashlight with me and if needed, shine the light in any intruders eyes since that may blind and confuse them. I learned how defending myself is a choice, a mindset, and it won’t just happen because I have a will to live. Defense must be planned and practiced (as much as possible, you can’t really practice being attacked).

I learned that I can.


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2 responses to “52 Weeks of Adventure: Week 2 Friday Night Fights!

  1. I miss Friday Night Fights. My role was usually “Crazy Bad Guy.”

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