His Amazing Grace

I opened my eyes to the sun rise through my blinds and blinked. 8:00am. On my own. Without an alarm. I rolled over to feel my sweet puppy Watson breathing beside me, his breaths steady against me. I smiled and thought about what i’m doing the next few days. I looked around my room, my walls bare, boxes stacked up next to my bed, my pictures put away…

I’m moving to Fort Worth, Texas this week.

I sometimes lay awake at night and wonder if I really am doing this, then wake up in the morning and realize that I am and it’s okay. I’ve said goodbye to countless friends and watched them leave with tears in their eyes and have wondered… where are my tears? I feel emotionless sometimes.

I’ve sat across from friends who want my story of why i’m moving and why I chose this particular seminary… and I think many are waiting on an extraordinary story. One with signs and wonders and huge miracles…  with a clear conviction and direction. I’ve sat across from people who are shocked, because i’ve not mentioned it before, and others who know it’s right.

But instead I sit across from person after person and just explain that I feel peace. That this is something that’s has been on my heart for a couple of years or so and I’ve been too afraid to do it. Because what if…what if I don’t fit in? What if I stick out like a sore thumb? What if they realize that i’m really not seminary material and instead i’m messy and rude and loud and sometimes even obnoxious? What if I get there and accidentally curse in class? What if they see my wicked heart and realize… I don’t belong? 

But all those what if’s don’t matter anymore, because The Lord is my Shepherd and He has guided me to Knoxville and away from Knoxville. He has lead me through dark valleys. The what if’s don’t matter anymore because the applications for seminary asked me all the questions that I was afraid they would and I answered so brutally honestly that..when I got my acceptance letter, I was shocked.

I’ve been silent about it because He’s been stirring something deep within me that feels too personal and too holy to talk about. He’s been shaping and changing and molding me in ways I didn’t realize I needed. He’s transformed me and continues to do so.

Moving away isn’t a big spiritual struggle like I imagined it would be. I thought attending to seminary would be a gigantic emotionally spiritual experience, but it’s just the next step that He’s lead me to and I feel peace.

Whether this is right or wrong, i’m unsure. But I know He will lead me into green pastures and lead me by still waters and I know He’s restored my soul. His rod and His staff they comfort me even in the presence of evil, because I know His discipline will help me stick by Him.

He is my comfort. My peace. And I don’t have an amazing story, I have His Amazing Grace and for me, today, that’s more than enough.


2016 New Year Goals and My One Word

Last year I made New Year Goals for 2015 and I surprisingly stuck with them for the majority of the year, which makes the first year in my life that I have made New Years Goals, written them down and not forgotten about them.

Some of my goals for 2015 included going on a mission trip to Jamaican Deaf Village which you can read Here and here. Training and completing a triathlon while you guys donate money to St Jude Children’s hospital. To read about my triathlon, you can click here and here. Praying continually, which became a struggle after my closest friend passed away. You can read about the struggle in my most recent blog about the tension between grief and prayer. Those are just a few of my goals listed that were completed. For the goals that I didn’t meet, I made them more specific and wrote them down for 2016!

Here is the list:

  • Continually clean the kitchen as I use it (This has been a HUGE struggle for me).
  • Read one book a month (Last year my goal was to read the books on my shelves– I didn’t even read a book a month, so this year I will).
  • Piano Practice: 30 minutes at least 3-4 times a week. (I started piano lessons!)
  • Pray 10 minutes a day and say prayers before meals
  • Post in my blog at least one time a week.
  • Make steps to move forward.
  • Complete my Half Marathon and Raise money for St Jude in Ciera’s Honor
  • Read through the bible Chronologically when I’m done with Cover to Cover (I’m almost done!)
  • Be Mindful
  • Spend time with others and develop deeper friendships
  • Possibly go back to Jamaica (If funds allow)


In addition to having these goals, I decided to choose a word for this year to focus on and reflect on. My friend and fellow blogger, Lily chooses a word to focus on yearly and her blogs about each word she’s chosen have impacted me. Her most recent blog is about her word for 2016- I encourage you to read it!

My word for this year is:



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