Fifty-two Weeks of Adventure 2016

For the last year I’ve watched Lily in her blog and been inspired by her 52 Weeks of Adventure series. From the first week, I was enthralled, inspired, and excited about reading her adventures of everyday normal life- and seeing the mundane as it is: with Eucharist and excitement!

Every week she invited her readers to link up to her blog and write their own 52 weeks of adventure for the year and every week I eyed the invitation shied away, because I knew that I would do 10 weeks of it and then forget it one week, get so behind, and just delete all of my adventures out of discouragement.

However, since this year’s word is Faithful, I am emboldened to take her up on her 52 weeks of adventures that was inspired by Brenda from the blog Embark: 52 weeks of Adventure. 

Please feel free to join me on the following adventures by linking up your own blog…

Adventures here we come! 

Week 1:  1,000 Gifts… Eucharisteo ❤ 


Week 2: Friday Night Fights

Week 3: Snowmageddon


Week 4: Love Rocks



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